We propose a real transformation on the planet through the circular economy

With the central goal of promoting aluminum recycling, we bring together society, recycling cooperatives, collectors, retailers, and industry to create opportunities, encourage sustainable choices, and generate a positive impact on the world.

We exist because we want a more sustainable world

The Recycling League was conceived by Novelis, a leader in the production of innovative rolled aluminum solutions and the largest aluminum recycler in the world. Its ambition is to be the leading supplier of sustainable and low-carbon aluminum solutions, as well as to achieve a fully circular economy. The Company is a subsidiary of Hindalco Industries Limited, a leader in the aluminum and copper sector, and part of the Aditya Birla Group, a multinational conglomerate based in Mumbai, India.

In Brazil, Novelis operates the world’s largest Integrated Recycling and Aluminum Rolling Complex, located in Pindamonhangaba (SP), as well as 15 Collection Centers, distributed from North to South of the country, and an aluminum sheet factory in Santo André (SP). In São José dos Campos (SP), the company maintains the Customer Solutions Center, an innovation hub focused on the aluminum beverage can market.

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Get to know the pillars of action of the Recycling League

Strengthening the circular economy

Promoting the development of the circular economy through measures to encourage recycling and innovation.

Development of cooperatives

Investing in the development of cooperatives aiming at increasing income and improving the quality of life of cooperative members.

Environmental mobilization

Encouraging conscious consumption and sensitizing consumers to do their part.

Recycling League Manifesto

Check out our Manifesto and find out why we exist and what our purpose is:

Annual reports of social actions

Access our annual reports and see the impact of the initiatives we support and sponsor.

One metal, infinite possibilities

Understand the numbers behind aluminum can recycling, a material that can be recycled infinitely, and how Novelis plays a key role in this process.


is the aluminum can recycling rate for beverages in 2022

31 billion

aluminum cans post-consumption were recycled by Novelis in 2022 in Brazil

800 thousand

families benefit from aluminum recycling, contributing to their income

5 kg

of bauxite are saved for each 1 kg of recycled can

60 days

is the average time for an aluminum can to be recycled and return to the shelves, brand new

82 billion

aluminum cans post-consumption were recycled in one year by Novelis worldwide

Collection Centers
  • Ananindeua (PA)
  • Bauru (SP)
  • Brasília (DF)
  • Campinas (SP)
  • Curitiba (PR)
  • Gravataí (RS)
  • João Pessoa (PB)
  • Juiz de Fora (MG)
  • Pamamirim (RN)
  • Pindamonhangaba (SP)
  • Recife (PE)
  • Salvador (BA)
  • São Gonçalo (RJ)
  • São Paulo (SP)
  • Sertãozinho (SP)
  • Pindamonhangaba (SP)
  • Santo André (SP)
Customer Solutions Center
  • São José dos Campos (SP)
  • São Paulo (SP)

We are present from north to south of Brazil

Find the nearest Collection Center to you and become a supplier of aluminum scrap to Novelis.
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  • Centro de Coleta - Ananindeua (PA)
  • Centro de Coleta - Bauru (SP)
  • Centro de Coleta - Brasília (DF)
  • Centro de Coleta - Campinas (SP)
  • Centro de Coleta - Curitiba (PR)
  • Centro de Coleta - Gravataí (RS)
  • Centro de Coleta - João Pessoa (PB)
  • Centro de Coleta - Juiz de Fora (MG)
  • Centro de Coleta - Pamamirim (RN)
  • Centro de Coleta - Pindamonhangaba (SP)
  • Centro de Coleta - Recife (PE)
  • Centro de Coleta - Salvador (BA)
  • Centro de Coleta - São Gonçalo (RJ)
  • Centro de Coleta - São Paulo (SP)
  • Centro de Coleta - Sertãozinho (SP)
  • Fábrica - Pindamonhangaba (SP)
  • Fábrica - Santo André (SP)
  • Customer Solutions Center - São José dos Campos (SP)
  • Headquarters - São Paulo (SP)

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Or, how about becoming a scrap supplier? Novelis operates 15 Collection Centers in Brazil. At these locations, cooperatives and other suppliers sell aluminum scrap, which will be destined for the recycling process.

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